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How does a changing climate affect plants? Find out in Project BudBurst’s newest video.

Can plants talk? Watch this fun video to find out!

If oak's before ash, you're in for a splash;
If ash before oak, you're in for a soak.

While proverbs and sayings like these may not let you predict the weather from one season to the next, phenology can be used to identify climate trends over decades and centuries. In this video, Dr. Paul Alaback provides a brief history of phenology from the 12th century through today.

Join Dr. Paul as he discusses new trends in phenological research and how Project BudBurst will contribute to new scientific discoveries in this rapidly-advancing field.

Changes in the timing of phases of plant phenophases are directly affected by temperature, rainfall and day length. Two of these factors – temperature and rainfall – are also changing in many regions because of climate change. In this video, Dr. Paul Alaback discusses climate change and its effect on phenology.

One of the most important uses of phenology data is determining which species will adapt successfully to climate change. Join Dr. Paul as he talks about using Project BudBurst data to understand & prepare for climate change.

This Implementation Guide provides all of the basic information you'll need to implement Project BudBurst in your mid-grade (5-8) classroom.

This Implementation Guide for Teachers provides all of the basic information you'll need to implement Project BudBurst in your high school instruction.

How does a bear know when it’s time to hibernate? Why do April showers bring May flowers? Plants and animals don't have calendars or watches, but many of them take cues from the changing seasons. In this video, Dr. Paul Alaback introduces us to the science of phenology.

Using Project BudBurst data, National Geographic's FieldScope Seasonal Visualization Tool allows you to look at green-up & brown-down phenophase events as they have been observed over time.

National Geographic's FieldScope Data Discovery Tool allows you to explore Project BudBurst data via online mapping.

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